Vinyl Signing!


The 180-gram vinyl printing of The Hollow Sessions is finally in and they are beautiful. We”re celebrating with two special signing events this weekend. Join us Saturday at Please & Thank You in Louisville from 10am-12pm. Then we”ll wrap up in blackjack Lexington at The Morris Book casino online Shop from 3pm-5pm. There”s not many too be had so get there early!

Can”t make it to Kentucky? Order yours here:

We will also have a limited amount of the Live at the Grocery on Home cds, a few Learning to Bend vinyl, and tickets to the Jan 16th show at Headliners! Talk about one-stop shopping!!

The Marlinton Project: Thank You!

Over $5K Raised in 3 Days!

Thanks for supporting The Marlinton Project!

I found out about the fire that chewed through downtown Marlinton, WV only last Thursday. A whole city block in the heart of the community up in smoke! Immediately, there was a shift in momentum for my show at the Pocahontas County House on Friday. These folks needed support and good energy!

So, I hurriedly set up this IndieGoGo campaign and I”m proud to say, we did it! On top of my initial contribution of $1000 you all collective threw in $4675 of your hard earned money. I”m so pleased and deeply grateful for you all teaming up with me. But, I think the folks in Marlinton might be even more so.

The money is already on its way to help the Volunteer Firefighters pay off the substantial expenses of fighting the fires and helping relocate the families. Obviously, they have a lot of work ahead of them and will need WAY more capital to rebuild. But, the message we sent as a community was, “you matter and you can overcome this.” Judging by the response at the show and around town, they heard it loud and clear.

I wish had more to give you to express my thanks. For now, please know that I am sincerely grateful and trust that I will continue to pay this forward.

All the best!


The Marlinton Project: A Show With A New Mission


Marlinton, WV was just hit by a devastating fire. My show this Friday at the Pocahontas County Opera House has now taken on a whole other purpose. As a touring artist, I am who I am because of the communities that have supported my career. It”s time to give back in a very localized way :

  • $1000 Bucks! That”s what I”m donating from my show fee.
  • Match my donation: You can give any amount, even $1 helps!

This a golden opportunity

This show has been on the books all year! Who knew we”d have the chance to help in such an essential way?

  • I”ve set a high funding ceiling for this 3 day campaign. I know my audience cares as much as I do. Let”s show off a bit!
  • The money will directly support the online casino efforts of the Marlinton Volunteer Firefighters. They did the dirty and expensive work of containing the But generally doing a more thorough best detox 2x a year is good, but then in general I best detox daily and weekly. fire. Now the community needs our financial support to get stabilized.

Make an Impact

Marlinton is a mountain town that just doesn”t have the resources that many of us rely on in our bigger cities. However, through this brief campaign you, your family and friends can do a very good deed.

Other Ways You Can Help

If contributing through this campaign isn”t in your budget or style there”s other ways you can be involved:

  • Post this effort on your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Send out some emails with your own connection to the cause. Maybe that”s music!

I”m so grateful for your support and for taking the time consider this campaign.

Let”s help out our neighbors!